AHAM offers the following volunteer opportunities for the High School students and for the public at large:
  • Work at its office on special projects.
  • Fundraising events.
  • AHAM Events- Hispanic Heritage Festival and  the International Gala
  • Community Events- Artisphere and Downtown Greenville.

The volunteer hours the students cover for AHAM will satisfy a requirement of the Schools Districts of the Upstate. At the same time will help meet a requirement of the scholarship application.

To sign up to volunteer: Click here and follow the next steps:

Become a volunteer and help us to raise funds for our Scholarship Program

New volunteers:

1.        Fill out the volunteer application to get started.  Here is the link to the application:                            http://events.greenvillesc.gov/216/Volunteers

2.        24 hours you will receive an email with your password and link to the database.

3.        You will need to enter the database to select a position.

Returning Volunteers:

1.        Follow link: http://events.greenvillesc.gov/216/Volunteers 

2.        Click on volunteer login

3.        Enter email and pass code

Returning Volunteers that forgot their pass code:

1.        Follow link: http://events.greenvillesc.gov/216/Volunteers  

2.        Click on volunteer login

3.        Click “Forgot Password” and it will be sent to the email address on file.


Thank you for your support. By volunteering you help us to raise funds for our Scholarship Program.