Requirements and Applications


  • Candidates must be of Hispanic origin or descent (only from Spanish speaking countries, first or second generation).
  • Have legal presence in the USA, attending a public or private high school during the current academic year.
  • Have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Perform at least ten hours of volunteer work for AHAM.

All applicants must be accepted as a full time student at an accredited university, technical college or vocational school in the United States or USA territories for the fall of the next semester. AHAM will make the scholarship applications available to the guidance counselors by January 25th and through our website



Applicants must enclose the following documentation (failure to submit a document will disqualify the applicant):

1)      A completed TYPED and signed application form including address, e-mail, cellular and home (if available) telephone numbers (including area code). Applications that are incomplete and/or not signed will not be accepted.

2)      An official and sealed high school transcript.

3)      Copy of SAT/ACT scores report, if applicable.

4)      Copy of household federal income tax return (1040EZ) for the year 2016. Family income not greater than $ 60,000.

5)      A short essay (minimum 250 words) describing your career goals, how you feel about your Hispanic heritage, and ways in which you would like to help and give back to the community.

6)      Copy of the letter of acceptance from an accredited university, technical college, or vocational school in the USA or USA territories for the fall 2016 semester.

7)      A copy of documentation showing either legal presence or status status in the USA. (DACA certification, U.S. passport, green card, residency card, social security card, or driver’s license, etc.).



Download the application here. If you have any questions call
(864) 420-2787

All applications must be postmarked by March 31, and should be sent to the following address:


Attn: Scholarship Committee

P.O. Box 17674

Greenville SC 29606